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We take pride in the way our desk pads are hand crafted. Our reputation for premium custom desk pads is built on honesty, quality and service. We give you our best because our customers are very important to us. Choose from a variety of desk pads in many sizes and colors. If you’re looking for a custom desk pad, click here.

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Browse through various styles of protective desk pads, each customizable with a wide variety of sizing and color options. Make your office space unique with a brand new desk pad (also known as a blotter) from The Pad Place.

Need a desk pad created custom for your needs? See our custom quote page.

Custom Desk Pads

Make it Yours.

If you have a non-traditional workspace, or simply an area with a few corners or curves, we still have you protected. You can order a custom desk pad to perfectly suit your space.

We’ve done it all, from curved desk pads to multi-sectional large desk pads. Feel free to send us the details for your custom desk pad, and we’ll get it right. We take extra care to assure our measurements are exact.

Create your custom desk pad here:

Custom Desk Pads

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Visit the FAQ (frequently asked questions) to see answers to questions you may have about our desk pads, shipping details, and more!